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Residence la baia D'oro


One Kilometer from The Baiadoro there is Aspra village characterized by its maritime activity. There you will find a pharmacy, a supermarket and the Maria Santissima Addolorata Church and you can take a walk by the sea enjoying an ice cream.

Two kilometres from the Baiadoro Residence there is Bagheria bigger than Aspra where you will find more supermarkets, pharmacies and shops. 
If you like arts you can visit Villa Cattolica, is a manor built in 1736 from the Prince of Cattolica Eraclea, Francesco Bonanno. In 1830 the Bonnanno family lose the property and the manor was used like: leper hospital, police station, residency and cannery.
Today the manor is the Renato Guttuso's museum which houses paintings by local painters.

Another manor in Bagheria is Palagonia or Monster Manor, is a eighteenth- century villa in the Baroque style. Built in 1715 for the Prince Ferdinando Francesco I Gravina Cruyllas. 
The monstrous figures that surround the walls are due to Ferdinando Francesco II, from which 
“ Monsters Manor”. Its peculiarity is the hall of mirrors. The manor was visited by Goethe in 1787. 

Moving a little further at 20, 4 kilometers we have the Palermo's Cathedral whose construction begins in 1185.

Another place to visit is the Monreale's Dome. 

Palermo and  Sicily are full of places to visit if you want to read more: